Experience, Interact, Play,

Hear and Feel the work from a different and unique perspective

Come with us to explore the digital re-imagining of live choreography.


Get up-close and inside a boundless world, defy your senses and immerse yourself in a futuristic landscape.


Tom Dale Company have developed this VR version of their live dance performance SURGE which enables the audience to explore and interact with a digital version of SURGE in a host of different virtual spaces.  


Featuring exclusive new music from Ital Tek, this immersive experience for one, lasts up to 15 minutes, with audiences free to move around the space both physically and digitally to explore their spatial environment.


SURGE VR brings together a team of on-trend electronic music and dance artists, designers and technologists to prototype new concepts around performance in Virtual Reality.


Tom Dale Company combine movement, electronic music and the digital arts working at the cutting edge of performance.  

SURGE VR has been developed in association with The Mixed Reality Laboratory (MRL) in the School of Computer Science at the University of Nottingham 

and Confetti Institute of Design and Technology in Nottingham., with the support of the Quest Lab Network






10:30AM – 6:00PM        DERBY CATHEDRAL