Work With Us

To complement our performance programme we run professional development opportunities and workshops designed to further engage with the techniques, artistry, creative processes and concepts contained within our work.

Tom Dale Company has vast experience of working with participants of all ages and abilities. Read on to find out more about how you can work with us.


We love to work across multimedia events, music videos, adverts and more.

Commission us to deliver exciting bespoke projects and work with world class performers and artists.

Get in touch to discuss your project.

Choreographic Intensives

Creative, challenging and inspiring intensives with the Tom Dale Company team of performers and collaborators.

We can create a short dance work for your company, group or school.

The project should involve a minimum of 15 hours of contact.

Technology Workshops

Bespoke training courses and sessions on best practice when using digital visual media within live performance.

Can cover: AV design method, creating content, video mapping, interactive media and performance programming.

Technology workshops are led by Barret Hodgson and or Noel Murphy.

Bespoke Workshops

Our talented and experienced artists can lead bespoke workshops tailored to the specific needs of the group.

These can focus on choreography, creativity and inspiration or contemporary techniques, contact work or floor work or a mixture of the above.

All are delivered in an enjoyable, inspiring and accessible way.