Juan Sanchez Plaza

Originally from Valencia, Spain; Juan found his first steps into dancing in the shape of Hip Hop and Latin dances at the age of 14, to then dig into Contemporary Dance at the conservatory of dance of Valencia where he graduated. After that he got in at the auditions for SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance), and for the following 4 years he would find himself as a dancer within an intense physical training and many questions looking for an answer to be found. In his education, he was part in creations with Mala Kline, Anton Lachky, Edivaldo Ernesto, Paul Blackman, Ricardo Ambrozio, Konstandina Efthimiadou (Akram Khan Repertoir), Eduardo Torroja (wim Vandekeybus Repertoir), Vitta Osojnik, Pier Giorgio Milano and many more inspiring people.

He as well has been developing his own work, premiering and performing in different venues his piece ‘’Gallo Rojo Gallo Negro’’, a convention of visual arts, flamenco and contemporary Dance.

Yoga has been and is a big part of his lifestyle, He travelled to India in 2017 and became a certified Yoga Teacher, and he finds the Yoga practice in every single day, in whichever shape and intensity it might take.

He worked in the Salzburger Festpiele festival with Jan Lauwers as director in the Opera L’incoronazzione di Poppea.

He is currently based in the UK as freelancer and Working with Tom Dale Company for both Urban Explorers and Step Sonic Project.