About Us

Tom Dale Company (TDC) is one of the UK's leading contemporary dance companies. By combining dance, electronic music and digital media, TDC is a leader in the field, producing world-class work which is simultaneously bold, exciting and constantly evolving.

Our award-winning participatory activities for young people deliver exceptional transmedia programmes across Nottinghamshire and further afield.

The synergy between dance and the digital arts is the major artery pumping through TDC’s practice. It is woven into all our programmes of work. The Company’s vision, through its collaborations with the digital arts, is to re-imagine dance.

We aim to:

  • TRANSFORM the audience’s experience of dance
  • IGNITE the public appetite for dance
  • DEVELOP new audiences for dance
  • INSPIRE the next generation of dance makers

Collaboration is key to our creative process. We explore new ideas, aesthetics and techniques with an exceptional team of dancers, digital artists, electronic musicians, poets, writers, designers and visual artists.