Cabin Fever

“Enigmatic, intriguing. An exhilarating and powerful performance. The choreography is excellent, no move is wasted and it works well on the long back and body of superb dancer Moynihan.” Gavin Roebuck, The Stage

Lost in a world of their own, a character’s cabin fever and mental loops produce an exhilarating and hypnotic performance.

A startling expressive piece of physical work based on a latent need to ‘let go’, the building up of potential energy and its release. Cabin Fever is a voyeuristic look at how we operate creatively within our confined mental, physical and social realities.

Tom Dale uses investigations of gravity, fragmentation, and sequencing patterns to create explosive, yet relaxed movement forms. Music features as a central part of the company’s work.

Choreography: Tom Dale
Performer: Stephen Moynihan
Photography: Irvin Lewis & Sinan Bozkurt