I Infinite

“Dance, music, art and design clash in a mesmerising performance piece.
A beautiful and sublime experience.” Fused Magazine

Set in a white, digitally animated environment I Infiniteis inspired by the digital world’s quest to re-create life. Part dance, part video installation, it explores the boundaries between the artificial and the real, the digital and the organic, worlds.

Graphic patternsslice through the space, glowing cubes fracture into a myriad of miniscule squares and pools of light hover in the air like oil on water.

A solo dance piece, I Infinite is performed in a white cube space. You, the audience, are free to roam the space as you please, to stand close to the dancer or just sit, transfixed, to watch the refined movement so often missed in more traditional theatre spaces.

A collaboration between Tom Dale, Barret Hodgson and Maria Olga Palliani. Originally co-produced by Dance4 with support from Nottingham Lakeside Arts, Deda and DanceDigital.

Choreography: Tom Dale
Performers: Jemima Brown and Maja Furnes
Digital Media Artist: Barret Hodgson
International Tour Producer: Claire Summerfield
Photography: Paul Hunter, Barret Hodgson, Tom Dale

“Immerse yourself in I lnfinite and the everyday melts away into a bravura haze of cosmic imponderables.” Mary Brennan, The Herald ****


Fresh Paint, Tel Aviv, Israel
An official SHOW UK event in partnership with the British Council Israel and the Clore Foundation
25 – 30 April

Xiantiandi Festival, Shanghai, China
8 – 12 June



Frequency Festival, Lincoln, UK




Macau Arts Festival, China
An official UK NOW event in partnership with the British Council Hong Kong
4 – 6 May

Zagreb Dance Festival, Croatia
30 May – 1 June 2012

MAC, Birmingham
15 – 24 June


NottDance, Nottingham Lakeside Arts
2 – 5 March

British Council Edinburgh Showcase
20 -24 August