I Infinite

“This relationship between the performer and the projected environment is immaculate and by allowing the audience to wander, each individual is free to choose their own viewpoint and take what they want from this enchanting piece. **** ” What’s on Stage

Set in a white, digitally animated environment, I Infinite is a mesmerising multi-media dance installation/ performance.

Inspired by the digital world’s quest to re-create life, graphic patterns slice through the space, glowing cubes fracture into a myriad of miniscule squares and pools of light hover in the air like oil on water.

Audiences are free to roam as the spellbinding visual imagery draws them within centimetres of the incredible solo performer whose movement veers between robotic isolation and liquid fluidity.

Locked within a world of finite solutions our dancer embarks on a captivating journey to the infinite.

Co-produced by Dance4. Supported by British Council, Dance Digital, Deda, National Lottery through Arts Council England and Nottingham Lakeside Arts.

Choreography: Tom Dale
Performers: Maria Olga Palliani & Joshua Smith
Digital Media Artist: Barret Hodgson
International Tour Producer: Claire Summerfield
Photography: Paul Hunter, Barret Hodgson, Tom Dale