“They move with a meticulous attention to detail that not only grabs the eye, but takes your imagination roaming in thrilling directions.” ★★★★ Mary Brennan, The Herald

The mind’s eye dies for access to the million chambers we leave unlit, undiscovered in our daily flit for living, a home for the deep sea fish who glow and sense… Roam.

A captivating journey into a world of swinging sub-bass and complex percussion, with specially commissioned tracks from maverick producer/composer Shackleton and drum & bass outfit, Sion; ROAM takes as its starting point the human requirement to explore ad experience, and incorporates the work of poet Rick Holland.

Life’s roaming pulse is the unstoppable condition in which life finds itself, relentlessly dragging us into the unknown, connecting moment to moment, for survival, inspiration, meaning, distraction…

Supported by Laban Theatre, Dance Digital and DanceXchange and using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Choreography: Tom Dale
Music: Sam Shackleton, Jo Wills and Guy Wood
Lighting Design and Technical Manager: Bill Deverson
Photography: Stephen Berkeley-White
Creative Consultant: Rick Holland
Producer: Raj Pardesi and Sarah Sansom