Step Sonic

Photos: Chantal Guevara Photography

Our new work, Step Sonic, is now in development. We’re excited to be collaborating again with Jo Wills (Drum works, The Barbican & Digitopia) as we explore the choreographic possibilities of our dancers creating digital music, through their movement, live on stage.

Using contact and shotgun microphones to pick up breath, the sound of bodies impacting, physical effort & the noise of feet & limbs on the floor the musical soundscape of this new dance work will be sampled and created live.

Step Sonic rediscovers a creation process where the body is the main starting point. Planned for touring in Autumn 2019 for audiences 10+ Step Sonic will be presented as a double bill with a re-imagined Subterrania.

To book Tour Dates (Autumn 2019) contact Claire Summerfield or call +44 (0) 7076 371 124

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