Step Sonic

Photos: Chantal Guevara Photography

Our new work, Step Sonic, is now in development. We’re excited to be collaborating again with Jo Wills (Drum works, The Barbican & Digitopia) as we explore the choreographic possibilities of our dancers creating digital music, through their movement, live on stage.

Using contact and shotgun microphones to pick up breath, the sound of bodies impacting, physical effort & the noise of feet & limbs on the floor the musical soundscape of this new dance work will be sampled and created live.

Step Sonic rediscovers a creation process where the body is the main starting point. Planned for touring in Autumn 2019 for audiences 10+ Step Sonic will be presented as a double bill with a re-imagined Subterrania.

To book Tour Dates (Autumn 2019) contact Claire Summerfield or call +44 (0) 7076 371 124

Step Sonic: Commissions

Tom Dale Company are looking to commission 2 choreographers to each create a solo work with a company dancer to form Part 2 of Step Sonic. Step Sonic will tour In Autumn 2019.

Each commission serves as a celebration of the instrumental impact music has had on the choreographer.


Alongside a fee of £2000, each choreographer will access artistic mentoring, design support, 2 weeks studio time and a production budget of £500, plus the opportunity for their work to be toured across the UK. We anticipate each solo will be 5 – 10 minutes in length and hope the selected choreographers will be of differing generations.

TDC is committed to equality and promotes diversity and access across all our activities and our workforce. We are committed to equality of opportunity and encourage applications from individuals from underrepresented groups.


Step Sonic: Part 1 & 2

dance music, music dance

Suitable for ages 10+

Featuring new music by Jo Wills/ TDC, Step Sonicis a tribute to the phenomenal impact electronic and bass music has had on contemporary culture. A new kind of dance album.

In an exciting development for the company this double bill couples Step Sonic, a new work, with 2 new commissionsby choreographers new to the company and SURGE by Tom Dale.

Step Sonic: Part 1

Using contact and shotgun microphones to pick up breath, voice, the sound of bodies impacting, physical effort & the noise of feet & limbs on the floor the score of this new dance work is crafted and created live, by the dancers.

A choreographic composition of an electronic music album

 Step Sonic: Part 2 – the commissions

3 Solo’s by 3 Choreographers

Featuring SURGE (danced by Jemima Brown) by Tom Dale and 2 commissions by choreographers new to the company

How to Apply


Who can Apply?

Choreographers and dance artists based in the UK

Choreographers who have already produced 3 pieces of work in a professional context

Choreographers with a new idea, the piece must not exist

All dance styles and genres welcome

Tom Dale Company is supported by PRS Foundation’s The Open Fund