Tom Dale Company in partnership with Inspire present


A visceral fusion of urban dance, music and art as Film



Tom Dale Company’s URBAN EXPLORERS is our annual large scale participation programme and in 2020/21 we adapted and created a new project where our students worked together to create new choreography for a commissioned Dance Film. 


Expect evocative, free-flowing urban contemporary dance borne out of the intensity and creativity of UK’s electronic dance music scene.

URBAN EXPLORERS’ annual spectacular performance offers young dancers from across Nottinghamshire the opportunity to work alongside professional dancers from the internationally renowned Tom Dale Company. This year the company took inspiration from a new projected stage and animation by Barrett Hogdson at Vent Media.

Throughout Lockdown the groups worked online to adapt and create new choreography for film. We are delighted with their dedication, teamwork and enthusiasm for the work.

Check out ‘Dynamic Core’.





Sophie Pay,
Eleanor Warwick,
Beth Warwick.

Rachel Barker,
Darell Cutter,
Max Lee.

Daniella Budd,
Hannah Davidson,
Olivia Dixon,
Isla Lomax,
Lucy Marshall,
Ashleigh Parkin.

Back Foot Forward:
Elise Brown,
Lauren Bryan,
Jessie Burton,
Sophie Miles.




Artistic Direction: Tom Dale

Group Leaders:
Sali Gresham,
Hayley Corah and
Emily Thurston

Choreographed by:
Sali Gresham,
Hayley Corah,
Emily Thurston
and Tom Dale

TDC Performers: Sophie Thorpe
and Jake Bradnock

Digital Media Design: Barret Hodgson
Music: “Surge Disintegration” by Ital Tek

Producer/ Company and Participation Manager:  Laura Rutty

Executive Producer: Michaela Waldram-Jones

Camera Operation: Jake Osborne

Post-Production: Jake Osborne and Ryan Halliday



Our funders include:

  • Thomas Farr Charity 
  • Sir John Eastwood Foundation
  • The Leche Trust
  • The Jessie Spencer Trust