We are in the research phase for our next piece of work and we need your help to make this happen.  Please spend 5 minutes telling us how you spend your free time by clicking on the survey here:

Please let us know at the end of the survey if you are interested in taking part in a small ‘focus’ group type research session to talk further.

Anyone who helps us out in this way will be invited to a special product launch event. 

New Digital Performance



TDC is a world-class, collaborative, contemporary performance company based in Nottingham. We make work which is brave, explorative, exciting, urban and visceral. We combine dance, new technologies and the digital arts to create immersive experiences and challenge convention. We combine movement, light, sound and energy in a dynamic and shifting relationship within space and time; putting the body at the centre of digital interaction.

TDC took part in Industry Week at Confetti where we placed a dancer inside the Motion Capture Lab and captured the choreography digitally. We worked with students to explore what could be possible…


Now we want to develop our ideas further.