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Hear and Feel the work from a different and unique perspective

SURGE gives life to a character on the bridge between the digital and organic worlds.


Four stellar artists collaborate to create a brand new staged concept album.

An immersive, audio-visual, genre-breaking performance, touring exclusive new music from British music producer ITAL TEK.


A duet between dancer and animated light in a gripping kinesthetic relationship. A character pushed to their limits to ‘feel’ – to ‘sense’ – to ‘exist’.


Featuring live vocals from the performer Jemima Brown and digital design by Vent Media.


See SURGE as an adapted  short film on the BBC as part of Dance Passion: 



Direction: Tom Dale

Choreography: Tom Dale in collaboration with Jemima Brown

Concept Developed by: Tom Dale, Jemima Brown and Barret Hodgson

Digital Design: Barret Hodgson

Dance & Live Vocals: Jemima Brown

Specially Commissioned Music: Ital Tek

Costume: Geraldine Wharrey, Cristiano Casimiro and Kate Morgan

Photo Credit: Alice Underwood

Production Manager: Chris Flux



“Humanity is pushing at the boundaries of evolution; the digital world is on a quest to re-create life and does this by making ever more real copies of our world which means we’re increasingly sharing the planet with a new life force: technology.  In ‘Surge’ we give life to a character that exists on the bridge between our organic and digital worlds. A character pushed to their limits to ‘feel’ – ‘to sense’ – to ‘exist.

Audiences are completely immersed inside the digital environment and we have created what is actually more than a solo – it’s a duet between dancer and the digital landscape created by Barret Hodgson of VENT MEDIA”

Tom Dale

“It’s like a Human Firework Show” Audience Member, aged 8

Autumn 2023 Tour Venues


Friday 13th October 2023

Pavilion Dance South West, Bournemouth



Tuesday 14th November 2023

Exeter Northcott Theatre, Exeter 



Friday 17th November 2023

Dance East, Ipswich





Friday 29th & Saturday 30th September 2023 

Young Dance Festival, Switzerland 



Friday 27th October 2023 

Frequency Festival at Lincoln Arts Centre, Lincoln, UK



Tuesday 31st October 2023 

Rond Hond Festival, Belgium 



Saturday 25th November 2023

Waterside Arts Centre, Manchester – PRISM: Winter Festival of Music and Light


Spring 2023 Tour Venues


SUB: VERSION premiered in Spring 2023 and toured venues in the UK as follows:

Friday 17 March & Saturday 18 March 2023 – PREMIERE
Lakeside Arts Centre Nottingham

Tuesday 21st March 2023 – PRESS NIGHT
The Place, London

Friday 24 March 2023
South Holland Arts Centre, Spalding

Tuesday 28th March 2023
Riverhead Theatre, Louth 

Tuesday 18 April 2023
Hull Truck Theatre, Hull

Thursday 27 April 2023
Taliesin, Swansea

Tuesday 2 May 2023
Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford

Jemima Brown –  Soloist

National Dance Award-nominee Jemima Brown has performed with Tom Dale Company in ‘I Infinite’ and ‘Step Sonic’ and in ‘Epilogues’ and ‘We Are As Gods’ for James Cousins. 
She says: “I’ve always wanted to incorporate my love of music and dance into my work.  Having the opportunity to sing in this show is amazing new territory for me.  While it presents a tricky balance between getting the vocals and breath to work in harmony with the movement, Tom and I focused on getting it right throughout rehearsals.  We both admire Ital Tek’s work and I really enjoyed collaborating with him to find the right blend of vocals with his electronic sound.”

Barret Hodgson – Digital Design

Barret Hodgson of Vent Media is a Nottingham based innovative, award winning design artist specialising in digital visual media for live performance, art installations and art galleries and museums. Barret is one of TDC’s Associate Artists and works closely with Tom on much of TDC’s work. Previous work for Tom Dale Company includes ‘I Infinite’, ‘Digitopia’ and ‘Refugees of the Septic Heart’.  Recent work includes creating huge projection mapping for Nottingham Castle, IBM 100 Club in Lisbon, Portugal, the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum in Spain, and Birmingham MAC among others. 


British electronic artist Ital Tek releases music on the label, Planet Mu.  His trademark hypnotic sound is punctuated with themes of dubstep, ambient, and more.  His composition for the five-track concept album ‘SURGE’ was developed in close collaboration with Jemima Brown and Tom Dale.

SURGE can be performed both in the round, and in a traditional theatre set up. When in the round, the audiences can get really close to the dancer as they can stand or sit around a centralized dance mat. SURGE has been performed in LIGHT NIGHT festivals, and theatres in the UK and across the world, including children’s festivals in Europe and in Sharjah, UAE.

Arenastyle blades of light slice and dice the space, tessellating into patterns then shattering into
rubble, creating a digital universe for this magical creature to inhabit. Brown, her body recoiling and
rewinding with alien grace, is never less than mesmerising.


“The feel is unearthly, Brown’s voice pouring over a dark electronic score by
producer Ital Tek. She is part robot, part house diva… it
marries dance and
technology to dazzling effect


“A mesmerising union of sound and movement: ….all sorts of references spring to mind: Blade
Runner, 90s club culture, cyberpunk, and yet it captures a conversation that is completely
now, in a tightly puttogether piece that feels like a genuinely original fourway collaboration
between performer, choreographer, music and design.”