Experience, Interact, Play,

Hear and Feel the work from a different and unique perspective

SURGE is Tom Dale Company’s new work for 2021/2022.
We are exploring the boundaries between the virtual and the real-world experience.
We are harnessing the fields of human-computer interaction and VR technologies
presenting a package of work that is both digital and live.

SURGE DIGITAL is an immersive dance experience, an installation that the audience experience
rather than simply ‘watch’. SURGE DIGITAL is highly experimental and still in development,
we want to place audiences directly inside a world that explores dance and movement in its
liminal spaces. Audiences wear a VR headset and enter a virtual world where they are able
to interact with their environment and visit a number of different rooms to interact, play,
hear and feel the work from a different and unique perspective.
Audiences will have agency to affect the shape and form the dancer takes, and the
soundscape they hear. It will enable the user to become the creator of the event and
master the physical rules of the environment.

SURGE LIVE is the sister ‘live’ version of the digital installation, with a choice of
flexible staging. Venues have the choice of a traditional end-on performance, or with

SURGE 360 we offer a performance that can be staged ‘in the round’ where
audiences are placed around a centrally situated dance mat, free to move around
the space to experience the work from different view-points.

SURGE is being developed in association with theThe Mixed Reality Laboratory (MRL) in the School of Computer Science at the University of Nottingham and Confetti Institute of Design and Technology in Nottingham., with the support of the Quest Lab Network


Motion Capture Research

Humanity is pushing at the boundaries of evolution as we enter the augmented
age. The digital world is on a quest to re-create life and does this by making ever
more real copies of the world. Humans share the planet with the new life force –
technology. We ask: “What is the future of the human body in a world beset by
inequality…. as evolution/natural selection – is replaced by intelligent design?”
We are entering the SURGE phase. We inhabit an organic laboratory, a
playground in a future that is grown not constructed, connected not isolated,
where the body is the interface between our organic and digital futures.

SURGE DIGITAL brings together a team of on-trend electronic music and dance artists, designers and technologists to harness new ideas around movement and choreography in a symbiotic relationship with sound, motion graphics and haptic technologies.

The project has been developed in association with The Mixed Reality Laboratory (MRL) in the School of Computer Science at the University of Nottingham and Confetti Institute of Design and Technology in Nottingham, with the support of the Studio Wayne McGregor Quest Lab Network.