Ten dance sketches: bold and bristling with the urgency of undiluted connection to WEN’s experimental club music.


TDC’s new group piece for 2023 will be an elegant selection of dance work that weaves a hypnotic journey through an array of electronic music sub-genres using WEN’s album EPHEM:ERA –“a sophomore album study on the mercurial warp and weft of modern UK dance music” Boomkat

Listen to the music here:


Concept: Tom Dale

Choreography: Tom Dale in collaboration with Dan Baines, Jemima Brown, Tom O’Gorman and Meghan Stevens

Lighting Design: Andrew Ellis

Music: WEN from the album EPHEM:ERA

Rehearsal Director: Sophie Thorpe

Autumn 2023 Tour Performers: Jemima Brown, John Ross, Orla Hardie and Alex Gosmore

Original Performers: Dan Baines, Jemima Brown, Tom O’Gorman, Rose Ellen Lewis, Meghan Stevens

Photo Credit: Alice Underwood

Production Manager: Chris Flux

“Drifting between club and spacedout after party Dale’s choreography absorbs elements from
hiphop, popping and the looseness and bounce of house dance, as if torsos are tossed in the
air causing ribs and shoulders to separate then all fall and stack back together.

Limbs fly like a 3D spirograph and blur in the light.”


“It is Brown whose every movement draws the eye. You would watch her fold laundry, mix a cocktail,
or creosote a fence. Brava”


SUB:VERSION is a celebration of dance itself, deceptively simple but
meticulously assembled and performed by a group of dancers perfectly
attuned to Tom Dale’s vision”


Autumn 2023 Tour Venues


Performers:  Jemima Brown, John Ross, Orla Hardie and Alex Gosmore


Friday 13th October 2023

Pavilion Dance South West, Bournemouth



Tuesday 14th November 2023

Exeter Northcott Theatre, Exeter 



Friday 17th November 2023

Dance East, Ipswich



Saturday 25th November 2023

Waterside Arts Centre, Manchester – PRISM: Winter Festival of Music and Light




Spring 2023 Tour Venues


SUB: VERSION premiered in Spring 2023 and toured venues in the UK as follows:

Friday 17 March & Saturday 18 March 2023 – PREMIERE
Lakeside Arts Centre Nottingham

Tuesday 21st March 2023 – PRESS NIGHT
The Place, London

Friday 24 March 2023
South Holland Arts Centre, Spalding

Tuesday 28th March 2023
Riverhead Theatre, Louth 

Tuesday 18 April 2023
Hull Truck Theatre, Hull

Thursday 27 April 2023
Taliesin, Swansea

Tuesday 2 May 2023
Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford